Another New Schedule Update

Starting October 21st, I will be unavailable on Sundays Mondays and
Tuesdays! Don’t worry, sweet babe, this little phone slut will still be
available Wednesday through Saturday for all the dirty sex talk you can

Wednesdays: 8am-4:30pm
Thursdays: 8am-8pm
Fridays: 8am-4:30
Saturdays: 11am-9:30pm

And remember all times are Pacific.


Another Spring Break Vacation

I will be away on my vacation from May 24th until June 3rd. I’ll be here
today, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to drain your balls dry before I
leave. I promise to get into lots of naughty naughty fun that I can’t wait
to tell you about when I get back.


Goal Setting

The beginning of the month always brings to mind the goals and wants I
want for the next 31 days. My goal this month is to do as much fucking
as possible. That doesn’t just mean fucking my own tight holes. I also
plan on fucking every hot twat in this house. This month also brings the
return of one of my favorite sissy sluts who is perfect for fucking with.
We all know how much I love fucking with slutty little sissies. The end
of the month will also bring my vacation so if you want to fuck or get
fucked or be fucked with during May (and I know you do!) then hop on
board, sweet thing.


Wet Wednesdays

Maybe you need a little more excitement on your Wednesdays? Perhaps a bit
more jerking off and dirty talk are just what you need to make it through
the tail end of your week. For the next few weeks I’ll be around to spice
up your hump day from 8am-12pm on Wednesday mornings. These new play
times won’t last forever so catch me while you can!


Another Sweet Note

I got this sweet little love note from a little pet who was begging to be
let back into my flock. I think he knows that his place has always been
and will always be at my feet. I might carry the keys to his device right
around my neck.

“Princess Autumn,

Thank You so much for permitting me back under Your perfect hand for
training. i shall do exactly as You require of me sending the keys
priority mail right away so W/we can begin to lay the ground rules per
Your instruction.

Your pet was so not expecting this Autumn…the one thing i feared most
was enduring the intensity of sustained long-term chastity and yet You
force me to remain locked down turning over the keys to my device. You
know i am under Your spell and too weak to do anything less than obey!

So i shall…i shall do as You require of Your pet for my life is no
longer my own. i live now to please You and serve You and You alone and i
am only permitted release when You say.

Your pet is so entranced with the sound of Your voice in his ear…so
perfectly calm, smooth, alluring and hypnotizing…so steady and
controlling. All is lost, given up, surrendered, handed over when under
it. i shall faithfully and obediently do as You require of me now my
beloved Autumn.

Thank You,

Your lowly humbled chaste pet”


Wanna Find Me?

As you probably know, I’m “scheduled” three times a week. I’m always here
from 8am-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 8am-2pm on Fridays. What you
may not know is that I like to come in at other times too. I just can’t
get enough of all of the sexy phone sluts here that it’s not uncommon for
me to show up for some extra playtime. Maybe my house just doesn’t smell
enough like sex and I start to miss it. If you ever want to catch me at
other times, just keep an eye on our Daily Schedule (which can be seen so
easily on our website) and see where I might be popping in next. You
could also email me with a day that you really, really need me and I might
be able to pop in at that time just for you. You gotta make sure that you
get your fill of Autumn this Fall.


Changes To My Tuesdays

I’m just having so much fun on my Tuesdays here that I just had to hang
out longer. Starting the 28th of July, I’m making another change to my
play times. I’ll be here Tuesday 8am-8pm, Thursdays from 8am-8pm and
Fridays 8am-1pm. That’s 3 days you get to play with me and I get to play
with you (and the other phone sluts here at YourDesires).
I just can’t stay away on the weekends either, keep a lookout for me since
I do like to pop in unannounced for some fun times.
Let’s have some hot, sweaty sex talk before the summer is over!



Have you ever heard of “The Helicopter”? Would you like to know the exquisite agony of complete lack of control while I make your propellor spin? You may laugh, you may cry, you may scream, but I promise you, you WILL get down on your knees and kiss my feet in praise when the ride is over.


Welcome to my blog!

Hello! This is the place you will be able to read all my sexy thoughts and fantasies! Check back often for updates. :)