Hollies In A Nasty State of Mind 405-366-2187

All you little nasty cum eating, sissy boys! 405-366-2187
Did I give you permission to touch that … pathetic little cock…..

I’m so horny thinking about how much I want to tie up your balls until they throb…
Smack your cock until you beg me to stop….. 405-366-2187
like I give a damn what you want!
I want to take my twine, starting at your balls separate them tight! travel up lacing the twine up your cock… 405-366-2187
Before you get completely hard- so I can watch the skin bulge out when you get hard. Watching the twine dig into that tender flesh, while I smack your ass and balls with my wooden spoon.. 405-366-2187 I want to bring you so close and then stop you….
You CAN NOT cum until I give you permission! (want permission? 405-366-2187)
Take your hand of “my” cock..
You silly little sissy boy! You make me laugh…
I never gave you permission to touch your tiny pathetic excuse of a cock! 405-366-2187
Think you will get permission to cum? think you will even get permission from me to touch it?
call me and find out you little cum eating sissy slut call me NOW!! 405-366-2187

stomping that pathetic excuse for a cock! 405-366-2187

stomping that pathetic excuse for a cock!

$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

“When I’m Good I’m Good and When I’m Bad I’m Even BETTER!
Hi, I’m Hollie for YourDesires… Call me @ 405-366-2187 (ask for Hollie) or E-Mail me @ “Hollie@YourDesires.com”
I’m waiting for you…
Sundays- 10pm-8am PST Wednesdays-10pm-8am PST
Mondays- 10pm-8am PST Thursdays- 10pm-8am PST
Tuesdays- 10pm-8am PST Friday – 10pm-8am PST
Wednesdays-10pm-8am PST Saturdays- 10pm-8am PST
CUM chat with me-
GetHot4Hollie on both Trillian and on AIM!
Follow me @
If you think you can handle it
*Check out my thoughts and fantasies*-

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