How Nasty Are You During Sex?

If your even half as nasty as I am –

WHY aren’t you calling me yet?!

The nastier the hotter it is!

I always smile when a caller says “do you like to get nasty?”

If you only knew just how nasty my mind gets…I love getting nasty during SEX!

You like being called nasty names when your fucking like crazy?

Then I’m your girl cause the closer I am to getting off the nastier my mouth gets!

I hope your mouth gets just as nasty as mine you “f**king Horny Bastard”— why are you not already on the Phone with me…
telling me what you know I like to hear!!?!?

Pick up the Phone you F**king P.O.S. and lets get off together!

Hollie your nasty little slut!

405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187

Hollie’s Diary of a Phone Sex Addict

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