– Over Night Fantasy Girl –

I’m Hollie and as the over night fantasy girl since I returned to YD,  I want to thank all of my many, many over night callers.

I love those calls from you guys that are in need of  quick CUM so they can fall asleep.

So many guys to tuck into bed :)  (or should that be Fuck into bed lol)

Or  my early morning fellas-trying to start thier day!

I enjoy them all weather t hey are ending their nights or starting their days off with a Good Hot CUM with Hollie

I’m so proud of all our overnight callers, when I first started overnights the phones just were barely ringing and now my nights are busy all night long, just like I like it!

I always love talking to my fellas and hope to hear from you guys again real soon.. 405-366-2187

All that said, nights are beginning to get a little too crowded for me,  so I am debating on rearranging my hours in the next few weeks.

Thank you for those that have emailed me with times for consideration, and welcome anymore of you that want to add your suggestions…

Of course as always keep my personnel phone number 405-366-2187

Your calling into  my actual home bedroom  and many times if I’m home, I’m in the mood to play!

Even overnights, I’m such a night owl!  &  as my regulars know I’M ALWAYS Horny! so give me a call 405-366-2187

You may just catch me just coming in or better yet catch me playing with a friend or 2 and i love to let you listen in for fun!

Many a lucky fella got to hear a good hard fucking going on for calling “just to see if I was home”

So my Little Darlin Your little Southern Slut thanks you for your late night calls… so pick up the phone and call

YD’s original Phone Sex Addict and Lets get off together! 405-366-2187

“I’m Sugar and Spice and every thing nice and Cock is what Hollie lives for!” “Hollies  Daddy’s favorite saying!”


“If you love sex talk- and having sex on the phone If you have used other-adult phone chat lines, dirty phone sex- xxx phone chat, xxx phone sex – xxx phone sex girlstalking on phone sex lines, adult phone chat lines, talking dirty on the phone, hot nasty adult phone sex, phone chat – what ever they call it you have never had Phonesex like you will with Hollie at your desires because I am a true phone sex addict that just can’t stop I tried and I’m back.  Give me a try- I will leave your balls dry!

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