Schools Out Daddy – Lets Play!

School’s out and I’m CUMMING straight home to take care of Daddy!

I couldn’t think about of anything at school today knowing your home all alone!

All I could think about is everything your going to do to me when I get home!

Hollie the Original PHONE SEX ADDICT 405-366-2187

My panties are soaking wet and my pussy is juicy wet just thinking about your


Cant wait to wrap my hand around it – I love when you wrap your hand around mine

and stroke it just the way you like it, I love watching your face when we’re stroking i just before you shoot

your BIG HOT STICKY LOAD all over Daddy’s Little Girl—–with my school uniform still on…..

Don’t forget to take my soaking wet panties so you can still smell me – taste me- have a little part of me for later!

405-366-2187 that’s my Personnel Phone Number to my BEDROOM- Call Me- I’m lying in bed – legs spread-Fingers Wet from playing with my


Want to CUM playing with me Daddy?
405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187

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