Who’s in the Mood for a Dirty Bed Time Story?!

I was telling some of my Daddy stories to my last caller and I just can’t get them out of my mind or
can I get my hands out of my pussy!

those stories get me so horny and make me so wet.

I love talking about the things I would do for my daddy……yum!

I loved it when daddy would use me for his own gratification!

Morning Noon and Night- He couldn’t get enough of “His Hollie”

He would wait everyday for me to get home from school, in my uniform and pony tails
Oh how Daddy loved my uniform- he loved to slide down my panties and push my short skirt up and play away!
If you want to hear more call me. I’d love to tell you as many as you want to hear….
as long as you don’t mind playing with my pussy while i tell you every wet horny detail…
Call Hollie I’ll tuck you into bed – drained completely with a smile on your face!

*entry of Diary of a Phone Sex Addict
YourDesires original Phone Sex Addict.

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