Please Fuck Me Daddy

I’m craving that rock hard cock Daddy.

I want it deep inside me, buried up to the base.

Please fuck me Daddy and make me cum all over your cock.

I want you to spread my bright red lips and make suck my cum off.

Please fuck my throat Daddy.

My body craves you like a drug.

I need your cock Daddy.


Tonight is all about you

I want to touch and tease every inch of you.

I want to make your cock hard as a rock until you’re begging to be inside of me.

I want to milk every last drop of the cum out of your balls.

I want you.


How much can you take?

There is such a fine line between pain and pleasure.

I love to toy with that line and see just how far over I can go.

I want to explore this fun little game with you.

Cum now Darling, lets play.


Double the pleasure

Tonight Alexis, Kate, Ava and I are running a little special because we just love playing with all of you!

For every 15 minute two girl that you do you will get an extra 5 minutes for free, for every 30 minute two girl call you do you will get an extra 10 minutes on the call for free!

Cum have some fun with us, we can’t wait to play


Let’s get a little kinky…

Lately I’ve wanted to get a little kinky, sometimes its fun to be completely helpless and at someone else’s mercy.

Lets explore a little bondage together, you can tie my wrists and ankles up and then tease my sweet little pussy until it is dripping wet for you.

I love watching your tongue taste that sweet honey and the way it makes that hunger in your eyes come out.


We can switch it up a bit, I’ll tie you up and tease you, bringing you right to the edge over and over.

Or maybe I want to be rough with you, I’ll use my crop and show you your place.



There are so many things that we can explore together, cum now Darling I’m ready to play.


Tie me up and use me!

Today I got used real good by Daddy, he wanted to be rough with his dirty little girl.

He tied my wrists and feet together and asked me how bad I’d been,

when I told Daddy I’d been a bad girl he spanked my little ass till it was red!

Then he teased me, oh how Daddy just loves licking my pussy and making it dripping wet.

Since he had me all tied up he could as please, my throat has never been fucked so hard!

Want to hear what else Daddy did? Give me a call I would love to play with my wet little pussy and tell you all about it.


Daddy’s Sexy Little Girl

I want to be your dirty little slut tonight,

let me show you how good I can suck Daddy’s cock.

I want to make you cum for me, I’ll swallow every last drop.

Slide every inch of you inside me, I wanna cum all over your cock,

use me however you want Daddy I’m your little slut.



Sexy Little School Girl

I decided to dress up extra sexy tonight,

I love the way these thigh highs feel against my skin and the snap of the garter belt with them.

Cum see whats under my short little plaid skirt,

I wanna be your naughty little school girl tonight.


Wake me up

I’m feeling a little sleepy from all the fun I have had so far!

But I know that as soon as I get the chance to play I perk up with excitement.

Cum wake me up with a little bit of fun :)


Happy Hump Day!

I love hump day, its a day that just reminds you to have some fun!

Why don’t you and I have a little fun of our own?

My pussy is throbbing just thinking about that cock.