Morning Wood? Wanna CUM?

Hi- I’m Hollie, I’m a YourDesires Girl    405-366-2187

I’m sitting here all by myself and am so very HORNY

Are you Horny?  Wanna CUM?


I want to hear you stroke your Cock for me-

I want to hear  you stroking your cock until you shoot that thick creamy wonderful CUM for Me!

Call me and Lets CUM together because-

No COCK should  CUM Alone…….

Let’s Enjoy CUMMING  Together while you listen to me use my toys on my Hot Wet Horny Pussy!

Its so hot knowing your Stroking Your Cock getting it so Hard for me!

Call and Slide that Hard Throbbing COCK into my WET Hot PUSSY!

405-366-2187  or 360-709-0100 And Ask for Hollie

Give Hollie a Try She’ll leave Your Balls DRY!



Almost Legal….

This is my last week of being under twenty-one, so I’m hope for someone out there to make me cum twenty-one times! Are you up for the challenge? I like my presents to be in the form of cock, and delivered straight to my ass.


These Boots Were Made For Walking

call Hollie

All Over You!

Maybe You’d Rather Kiss my Boots. Lick My Boots-

Or Slide the Boots off and Kiss My Feet!

Call and Tell Me What You Want to do With My Feet


Ask for Hollie

Call me Direct 405-366-2187

or 360-709-0100

Ask for Hollie & You’ll  Happily be  Transferred to  YourDesires Fantasy Weaver  within Minutes:






Diary of a Phone Sex Addict:


Monday blues..

more like the Monday of blue balls! So many of my little slaves calling with a case of the blue balls. What a beautiful Monday indeed.

I would love to make some other colors happen. Like red- when I spank your ass. Pink- the color your cheeks get when I say something truly depraved and dirty. Purple- the color the head of your cock will become with my use.

I want to make you a slutty little tapestry.


Yes Play time!!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh it has been too long of a weekend and this girl needs to cum!!!!!!!!!!! so who feels like taking this beautiful lady for a hard ride????


Vacation Update

I’m having a great time fucking my way down the west coast.  Is there anything better than vacation sex?  It’s like fucking a stranger in public times two.  Stay horny for me.  I’ll be back soon.


Hungry? Need A Late Night Snack?

Tonight Hollie’s on the Menu!?

Want the Main Course


Something Special  for Dessert….
Cum to the Table and ENJOY!

Who’s Eating Hollie?

Grab Your Credit Card & Call

Hollie @ 405-366-2187

Where would You Like to SPRAY Your Whipped Cream?!


Give Hollie A Try- She’ll Drain Your Balls Dry! 405-366-2187


Diary of a Phone Sex Addict: Food For Thought:


Important information

Hello Sexy Friends,

In case you are unaware, AIM is shutting down on December 15th and will no longer be a way for us to instant message.  We use Trillian here, it is a free download/app and is MUCH more user friendly than AIM.  If  you don’t already know, AIM and Trillian allow cross over conversations but on this end we cannot see who is on AIM or what your status is…. it is much easier/nicer when you are a Trillian member.  Please take a moment now, before AIM is gone and you lose all of your contacts, to download Trillian so we don’t lose contact!




Tonight is all about you

I want to touch and tease every inch of you.

I want to make your cock hard as a rock until you’re begging to be inside of me.

I want to milk every last drop of the cum out of your balls.

I want you.



Just as Soon as you Call : 405-366-2187 !
Give Hollie A Try- She’ll Leave Your Balls Dry!”