Phone Fantasies

Explore your mind and share, be uninhibited with your desires today as we keep each other company and reach our sexual limits to the max!! be as sensual and naughty as we want to be, and make each other cum!! call me and lets make your sexual desires a reality~~~


Im back

Im back!! Met so many amazing beautiful girls today, loving the atmosphere. I will be working Saturdays 11am-5pm and Sundays 10am-5pm. I am definitely up to play this beautiful afternoon. Please feel free to hit me up at zivia@yourdesires.com with any sensual fantasies, I would love to play with you!!! Love Zivia


So many new faces!

Wow, all these sexy new ladies (and one familiar face as well!) I think you should all give a really warm welcome to them! Scarlet is here today until 5pm and Gabrielle will be here tomorrow (Sunday) 10am-6pm. Be sure to help welcome back Zivia! She is here this weekend, Saturday, 11am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. Get it while it is hot, boys!


Horny & Ready to Play

Morning Fellas, I’m so Horny this Morning

I have my toys out or should I say “IN & OUT”  

All I need now is Someone to Play with:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Who will the Lucky Fella Be? 405-366-2187

You? or You ? or How about your back there?

Wish it Could Be All At Once!

I Do love Gang-bangs

Call-405-366-2187  Lets Play and CUM & CUM & CUM


Be Sure To Ask For Hollie -Your Fantasy Dream Weaver-

Care to Weave out your Fantasy ?

Let’s make that dream CUM true!


Weaving Fantasies is my Passion or A Quickie if  you need to be Dashin



405-366-2187 Ask For Hollie the YD Girls will be Happy to Transfer You!

Give Hollie a Try- She’ll Leave Your Balls Dry!


Diaries Of A Phone Sex Addict:




Please Fuck Me Daddy

I’m craving that rock hard cock Daddy.

I want it deep inside me, buried up to the base.

Please fuck me Daddy and make me cum all over your cock.

I want you to spread my bright red lips and make suck my cum off.

Please fuck my throat Daddy.

My body craves you like a drug.

I need your cock Daddy.


just can’t stop having fun

So gonna stay till 10 pm, come tuck me in Daddy……


Long hard day

And this lady is ready for an even harder dick in her hand, her mouth, her sweet pussy.

Time to work off some frustration, because the 3 hours I just spent at the gym only served to make me even hornier!

Come play with me…. but be ready to play hard darling.


Cum and take a peek ;)

I’m back from my days off and I’ve missed getting to play with you all.  Go and check out my page and take a look at the new photos I put up for you ;}~ Call me and let me know what you think 360-709-0100. I’ll be here until 9pm tonight, Don’t miss me <3

xoxo, Ava


School Girl

Been studying all day…..this little school girl is ready for some action! Just let my hair down, off with the glasses……I definitely am in need of some serious entertainment. Will you help me get out of my short little plaid skirt and white blouse? I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see I’m completely naked underneath. I’m ready, are you? I need some of your schooling, will you teach me a thing or two? And bring your paddle, I like it nice and rough!


Hollie Your Fantasy Dream Weaver


When I was young my Daddy called me his “Fantasy  Dream Weaver”

Why don’t you give me a call,  405-366-2187

Lay back and close your eyes  and Climb aboard, Hollie’s dream weaver train of Fantasy!

Let  me help you CUM away the worries of the day,we’ll keep fantasizing, and leave tomorrow behind

I’m Hollie your FANTASY   DREAM WEAVER, Let my voice get you through the night

What fantasy will help you reach the mornings light?

Let’s Fly you high through the starry Skies,- through all the pleasure and maybe some pain

Lets  cross the Highways of  any Fantasy,    I’ll Help you find pleasure in that-PAIN.

With Hollie as  YOUR  FANTASY   DREAM WEAVER, there’s NOTHING we can not explore

Call me NOW and lets CUM all through the night.

Though  Dawn may be CUMMING soon,

There’s always  time to play and Cum one more time

I’ll take you to pure ecstasy  and leave you begging for more


I’m Hollie, YOUR “Fantasy  Dream Weaver”  

Let me bring your Fantasies Alive- Let me Make YOUR Dreams CUM True


Ask for Hollie Your  FANTASY  DREAM WEAVER

I’ll weave your fantasies to life and make your Dreams CUM True!


Ask for Hollie, any YD Girl will be more than happy to transfer you to your Fantasy Dream Weaver!