It is the kind of day where I enjoy a two-hour bubble bath! I have a garden tub and I fill it almost to the rim with hot sudsy water, put on some music, get naked and soak!  I need someone to wash my back…


New SEX TOYS….to please my pretty little pussy;)

I’m thinking about getting some new toys!! I can’t decide which ones I
should get. Should I get a few for each hole? Or just some for my PUSSY!?
I really want a new butt plug, but think I might need a bigger size. Which
ones do you guys recommend? What are your favorites?! Call me up and give
me some ideas, I love a good SEX TOY suggestion…..maybe it’ll lead to
some XXX PHONE SEX, too;) I can only hope, teehee!!


naked hot and wet-

Now all I need is for you to pick up that phone and let’s have some amazing phone sex!

I am here today until for calls and setting up appointments for next week. Come fill all my slots darlings



Hollie’s Gang Bang Sunday’s are Up & Going Again (Diary of a Sex Addict)

I love my weekly gang bangs….

I know those who call me to hear about them love them too!

Last Sunday was amazing I didn’t want it to stop!

Cocks Cocks everywhere and every drop for ME!!!

Big Cock Bigger Cock  Just for Hollies Holes!

I Just love All of my BBC ‘s

Want to hear all about it?

Call me: 405-366-2187




*Entry; Diary of a Phone Sex Addict


Monday Mania

Hey sexy people! It’s Monday which means it’s my Friday and I want to start this weekend with a BANG if you know what I mean 😉 It’s another super hot day today and i’m sitting here in a pair of daisy dukes and my red bikini top. Come help me out of it and give me something to put in my mouth other than this cherry popsicle. 😉


what a beautiful day to be naked

Just hanging out at home, hit the pool earlier but now running around in my birthday suit wishing I could hear your voice in my ear!

Pick up that phone and lets have some fun!


Daddy’s Girl *(Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

Aww Sunday’s—-

How I Loved Sunday Mornings,

Daddy would come into my Room..

To wake me up , I loved hearing

“My special girl ready for her special reward?”

Call me and I’ll tell you every single explosive detail……




entry in  Diary of a Phone Sex Addict……..



My body is COVERED in ALOE…

My body is so slick, soft and shiny. I am covered in aloe and my ass is glistening!

If we were together, my tits would glide across your chest, my pussy would slide right onto your hardness, I would ride you with ease. I would make you try to buck me off!

Cowboy Up!


Who can rub aloe on my sunburn?

I need someone to rub aloe all over my body.  I am sunburned.  Ouch. Be gentle.


Finally back home

Just for two days and then hitting the road again. My bed feels so amazing but would feel even better with you in here with me on the phone making me scream.