I could certainly use some manhandling tonight. I’m talking about some hair pulling, ass slapping, nipple twisting hardcore fun! Who’s game?



It is the kind of day where I enjoy a two-hour bubble bath! I have a garden tub and I fill it almost to the rim with hot sudsy water, put on some music, get naked and soak!  I need someone to wash my back…


New SEX TOYS….to please my pretty little pussy;)

I’m thinking about getting some new toys!! I can’t decide which ones I
should get. Should I get a few for each hole? Or just some for my PUSSY!?
I really want a new butt plug, but think I might need a bigger size. Which
ones do you guys recommend? What are your favorites?! Call me up and give
me some ideas, I love a good SEX TOY suggestion…..maybe it’ll lead to
some XXX PHONE SEX, too;) I can only hope, teehee!!


naked hot and wet-

Now all I need is for you to pick up that phone and let’s have some amazing phone sex!

I am here today until for calls and setting up appointments for next week. Come fill all my slots darlings



Hollie’s Gang Bang Sunday’s are Up & Going Again (Diary of a Sex Addict)

I love my weekly gang bangs….

I know those who call me to hear about them love them too!

Last Sunday was amazing I didn’t want it to stop!

Cocks Cocks everywhere and every drop for ME!!!

Big Cock Bigger Cock  Just for Hollies Holes!

I Just love All of my BBC ‘s

Want to hear all about it?

Call me: 405-366-2187




*Entry; Diary of a Phone Sex Addict


Monday Mania

Hey sexy people! It’s Monday which means it’s my Friday and I want to start this weekend with a BANG if you know what I mean ;) It’s another super hot day today and i’m sitting here in a pair of daisy dukes and my red bikini top. Come help me out of it and give me something to put in my mouth other than this cherry popsicle. ;)


what a beautiful day to be naked

Just hanging out at home, hit the pool earlier but now running around in my birthday suit wishing I could hear your voice in my ear!

Pick up that phone and lets have some fun!


Daddy’s Girl *(Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

Aww Sunday’s—-

How I Loved Sunday Mornings,

Daddy would come into my Room..

To wake me up , I loved hearing

“My special girl ready for her special reward?”

Call me and I’ll tell you every single explosive detail……




entry in  Diary of a Phone Sex Addict……..



My body is COVERED in ALOE…

My body is so slick, soft and shiny. I am covered in aloe and my ass is glistening!

If we were together, my tits would glide across your chest, my pussy would slide right onto your hardness, I would ride you with ease. I would make you try to buck me off!

Cowboy Up!


Who can rub aloe on my sunburn?

I need someone to rub aloe all over my body.  I am sunburned.  Ouch. Be gentle.